Vision for a Multi-Use Facility

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    KUPAA is passionately committed to giving back to our community. Our services and programs are created with the goal of impacting and enriching the lives of those in our community.

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    In order to offer the programs and services we have planned, we are seeking a facility to serve as a hub for our operations and the community at large. Our vision for this building is to be a place of encouragement, support, connection and development for the people of Maui.

  • Our vision includes the following initiatives that will benefit and strengthen the local Maui community.

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    Weekly distribution to provide meals, produce, food and/or snacks to those in need. Partnerships with churches, local businesses and community leaders with the goal of ending hunger on our island.


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    Events for small businesses to network, sell and promote their products and services. Private meeting spaces will also be made available to give small business owners an area to train, promote and inform people of their products and services.


  • The Learning Center will provide an opportunity for our community to enrich their lives through learning and education. Programs will include resources and services for people of all ages and walks of life.

    Keiki Center

    • Resources for keiki & parents
    • Enrichment camps
    • Day camps
    • Classes
    • Workshops
    • Seminars & Training

    Youth Programs

    • Learn & develop life skills
    • Program will model the idea of using education and available resources to give back to our community and gain a sense of global citizenship.

    Adult Enrichment

    • Provide individuals the necessary skills to be working, thriving community members.

    Senior Citizen Support

    • Workshops & classes
    • Healthy living resources
    • Social interaction
    • Music, dance & crafts
    • Mentorship for children/youth to bridge the gap between generations

    Leadership Training

    • Workshops
    • Seminars
    • Classes
    • Tools and resources for
    individuals to grow and develop
    in work, church and life.

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    Cultural Enrichment

    Space will be made available to cultural groups such as hula halau, martial arts teams, etc with the aim of supporting our community in activities that promote enrichment of mind and body. Child development is important to us.

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    Missions & Evangelism

    Training, development and support for missionaries and evangelists to reach across the world for the Gospel. Global impact is achieved through support of launching missionaries and evangelists throughout the world.